Scrivener keeps shutting down

I am a very new ‘newbie’ and am running a registered copy of Scrivener on three trial machines, all with slightly different Os’s namely XP SP3, Win7 Ultimate and Win 7 Pro 64bit.

The preferred workstation is running the Win7 Ultimate, having the fastest processor and max RAM. The problem is that having managed to get the learning-curve off near vertical and actually use it with serious intent, it keeps shutting down!

Also prior to it occurring, the screen fades a few times, with ‘Not responding’ appearing in the window title.

There are no other contentious progs running in the background.

I wonder if anyone can help please? This is such a truly delicious prog that I am just itching to put it to serious use!

Interesting update:

In order to press on, I moved the entire project to a laptop running Win 7 64bit and the same has happened.

I am beginning to suspect the file has something unacceptable embedded within it. It is a large Word file which originally contained images. The intention was to tidy the whole thing in readiness for conversion to various ebook formats, at which point the images would be re-inserted.

It would make sense to strip down to plain text and start again, but it is basically a 200pp A5 book with a considerable amount of formatting and I’m hoping to avoid wasting too much time doing it all over again [again!] …

I have experienced something similar, it is usually triggered by my impatiently clicking on too many things in close succession, especially at startup. My system is a fast 64 bit W7 Desktop, and my project is 80,000 words plus, and has several large images within it.

I’m having similar problems on a fairly new and fast desktop. I keep getting the “not responding” message (Windows 7, 32 bit) and the spinning wheel. In fact Scrivener is proving so sluggish that I’ve been forced to do most of my actually writing on an external programme, cutting and pasting my text back into Scrivener, which seems to defeat the object. Lest this is said to be a problem with my computer, I should add that I do not have such difficulties with any other programme.

Some response from an individual involved with the coding would be appreciated!


I’m sorry that you have yet to receive a response yet. The Windows team are working hard squishing bugs for the next release. If you are in an urgent need of a response you can always email

Please be patient as the Windows team only has a sole developer working on it, and one person responsible for technical support and they try to answer queries as quickly as they can.


I had the same sluggish issues, then last month had to reformat my PC and reinstall Windows 7 and everything else. Not because of Scrivener - was a redirect virus.
My Scrivener problems had started before the virus infection, but I was pleased to find reformatting and reinstalling not only got rid of the virus, but also “fixed” Scrivener - no more long waits when opening files or changing views in it. Yay!
I’d tried deleting and reinstalling Scrivener before - maybe the reformat got rid of some little leftover bit of code.
PS - next release - any estimates at to what and when?? Still keen on seeing the sync features that the Mac version has also work in the Windows version.

That is useful information ravensview, it means it is not just a problem inherent to a large document.
I wonder if it is a clash of drivers. Have you reinstalled all the old programs yet? (often difficult to know!)

This may seem like a daft question but you have installed the Microsoft Basic Runtime files? I had similiar problems until I installed these and now the program never hangs or crashes. I am running W7 Home Premium on a five year old Dell XPS420 and have Scrivener also on a XP based Dell Latitude D410 laptop which is about six years old and quite low spec. I uninstalled Scrivener, googled for the runtime files, restarted, then installed the files and then Scrivener. Running for six months now on both machines without any kind of hiccup.
The files are named - vcredist_x86. This is well worth a try while waiting for the coders to get back to you.

@catsmad - Well, the program does not hang or crash for me, so I’m not about to search for or install those files. They are not on my PC now, as far as I can tell. I reloaded Win7 from the recovery disk so should be the same as before.
@goforich - not sure what you mean by the old programs. See above - reloaded from recovery disks. Then went thru all the Microsoft upgrades once again. Have reloaded almost all the programs I was using before, including many of those online extensions and utilities you forget you had. Possible that was one of those before that was bogging things down - don’t know.

Tried it. Sadly did not work for me. Thanks for the suggestion though.