Scrivener key

What is the key combination in Windows that is comparable to the “Scrivener” key in Mac?

Do you mean ‘Scrivening’ – ie the feature where you see multiple documents as one long virtual document?

On the Mac the shortcut is cmd-1 – on Windows I think it’s Ctl-1. In both cases the command is a toggle so you flip between single document and scrivenings mode.

No. I understand Scrivenings. I think I found the answer

In the Windows version “Tools>Options” opens the same windows as “Scrivener” does in the Mac version

Thanks for offering to help.

The “Scrivener” item shown in your Mac screenshot is a menu title, and it is where you find things like the Registration… menu option or Check for Updates… (both of which appear in the Help menu in the Windows version), or the Quit Scrivener menu option (which is in the File menu on Windows). Scrivener > Preferences… on the Mac is similar to Tools > Options… on Windows.

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Thanks, Siren. I’m looking for an information source that shows the equivalent paths to functions on the Mac and PC. The screenshot above is the result of a couple hours of searching. I’m operating (and learning) Scrivener on a PC while my mentor/teacher is using a Mac. I know there are differences and I’m OK with that. But I’m not OK with the time I’m spending searching to understand the differences. Using my example above:

“MAC: Scrivener>Preferences = PC: Tools>Options” is all I would have needed to save me a lot of time.

Do you know of any books or websites that accomplish that?

Thanks again for your comment.

Hi Bob,

I don’t know of any pre-prepared list, but if you can’t find something in particular, please let me know.

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P.S. There are some differences between the two platforms, and you can read about the main ones here: [url]].

I think some of the solution is just thinking about the differing interface conventions on the two platforms. Tools: Options is a pretty standard location on the PC for the kinds of things that Mac applications put in the Preferences panes. Most Mac shortcuts use the Cmd key; most PC shortcuts use the Ctrl key. And so on.

The most significant feature differences involve the Compile command, which is much more complex and capable on the Mac. You might want to make sure your mentor understands that there are some things you simply won’t be able to do.


It’s not a direct comparison, but the Appendix of the Scrivener manual (on either platform) includes a complete list of commands by menu location.


Searching the Scrivener for Windows manual for “Mac,” I came across the fact that, if you do Tools > Options, then the Keyboard tab, there are Import and Export buttons. The drop-down arrow next to Import has an option for Mac Scrivener. If I’m understanding Appendix B.7 (p. 334) of the manual right, that should be an option to import a keyboard-shortcut profile into the Windows version that would be similar (though it can’t be identical) to the setup on a Mac. Perhaps worth trying. I have no idea whether there’s a similar facility in the Mac version for importing a set of Windows-equivalent keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks all for your comments. You’ve given me a lot to work with.