Scrivener Kindle Compile Failure

Newby problem so please be gentle if you’ve heard it all before.

I’m just testing Scrivener to see if it is capable of what I need for formatting an ebook including photos. So far I can compile into ePub successfully (though the photos in the output file seem to be all over the place when viewed on Nook for PC). I’m willing to take my time to learn to sort that out.

The real problem is when I try to compile a mobi for Kindle. I get the following:

  • progress window says compiling for Kindle

  • progress window beneath says compiling ePub files

nothing happens for a while, no mobi file is created and then I get a new error window which says

"The following error occurred whilst compiling the Kindle book


Any ideas what is going on please and how I can solve the problem?


Is this when compiling to Kindle (mobi) format from within Scrivener? I’ve had issues with that (which, to be honest, I have not pursued a fix for).

Workaround, use Kindle Previewer (see link below) to convert the ePub file that you are creating successfully to Kindle format and see what happens there.