Scrivener, KindleGen & Yosemite

Hi, I’ve hit a problem.

Whiling away a few minutes I compiled a project for Kindle, to be told I needed KindleGen so I followed the link helpfully provided by Scrivener, downloaded and opened the zip file. I didnt see any .dmg file, so I contacted Amazon only to find that I was given the same link as Scrivener gave me.

Now is it something anyone else running Yosemite has run into and if so is there a solution other than compiling into word or html and then kindling it?

Appreciate any help.

  1. Go to:

  2. Download: KindleGen v2.9 for Mac OS 10.5 and above i386

  3. Unzip and you’ll see a folder called KindleGen_Mac_i386_v2_9 (no DMG)

  4. Store that folder where you want to keep it. (I use the Applications folder)

  5. Point Scrivener at “kindlegen”, which is in the folder you just stored

  6. You’re good to compile. Should be…


I’ll have a go at that at some point, thanks Brian.

Who is Brian? :mrgreen: