Scrivener lagging (more) in full-screen mode

I hadn’t been using Scrivener much for a while, but have now started a new project. Thus it’s hard for me to attribute this problem to any particular change, as all software elements have changed since I was last using it regularly.

But I find that Scrivener is now lagging badly in full-screen mode, while performing better but still (on further investigation) lagging out of it. I’ve had a brief look through the forums and found only outdated reports of such behaviour. Any ideas why it might be happening now?

The project is not a big one. I’m running v1.5.3 on the latest version of Snow Leopard on a Rev A MBA. Never had performance issues with Scrivener before on this machine.


This is a known problem with Snow Leopard - the text system is now significantly slower than it was on Leopard (and Leopard was slower than it was on Tiger - so much for progress). I have been working hard to optimise this and to try to improve it as much as possible, but am nowhere near finished. It seems worse in full screen than anywhere else, although you can improve performance by making sure text is not justified and turning spell-check off. I am working to try to improve things, but it’s tricky and particularly difficult as the cause of the slowdowns seem to be buried in the OS X text system itself and only exacerbated by certain extra things that Scrivener does.

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