Scrivener Lagging

I have a problem with Scrivener lagging, my hardware should b more than sufficient (2 gig ram and a good processor) so any suggestions?

Ok I think the cause of the lagging is that I have a lot of line drawings in this file? Other even larger files of pure text do not lag at all. Can I turn of the auto save function or something like that?

Ok I think I may have figured this out by myself. I’m guessing that Scrivener only auto saves the chapter that you are working on and so if I finalize my line drawings and compress the file size I should be fine? I am already writing with very large file sizes, being up to ten or so novels in a series and that doesn’t seem to matter to much, so it must be that the line drawings are huge file sizes by comparison. I seem to remember that these drawing file sizes can be reduced very dramatically with little to no effect on quality of drawing.

Do you have anything else than scrivener open? 'Cause 2GB of RAM is not enough for anything.

2G RAM, is that correct?

That little RAM is barely enough for Windows to function decently let alone any programs.
If your system is upgradeable I’d recommend a min of 16GB these days.