Scrivener lags my PC

Hello, I have an issue where Scrivener lags my entire computer, it is not just Scrivener that lags. The mouse stutters slowly and things take a while to work. My computer is powerful enough to run Scrivener, and the problem doesn’t seem to be dependent on the size of the Scrivener project, it even happens with 0 words. It doesn’t happen every time I use Scrivener, and I can’t narrow down what is causing it. Sometimes it will take hours to start happening, other times only a few minutes. I do not have this problem with other software, it only occurs when I am running Scrivener. Once my computer starts lagging, the problem persists even after I close Scrivener. Usually, I have to restart my PC, although occasionally it will go back to normal if I wait long enough. If I open up Task Manager and have it selected, the lag goes away until I select anything else on my PC, and then the lag comes back. I’ve tried looking at Task Manager and Resource Monitor to see if something is hogging my system resources, but I can’t see anything out of the ordinary. I have no idea what is causing this issue. I would love some assistance if anyone has any ideas. My apologies if this issue has been posted before, but I couldn’t find anything.

My specs:

Windows 10
Intel Core i9-9900k
2 TB SSD (Which Scrivener and Windows are installed on)
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Hello sageboba, and welcome to the forum.

My first thought for a lagging issue that seems Scrivener-specific is to check your Windows security tools to see if your anti-virus or another security setting is blocking Scrivener or its components from working correctly.

You might also consider the possibility of a conflict between Scrivener and another program that’s installed. Rebooting your computer into Safe Mode with Networking and testing how Scrivener behaves when opening and saving the Interactive Tutorial (available from Scrivener’s Help menu) could allow you to see if Scrivener works correctly there.

Microsoft’s recommended steps for rebooting in Safe Mode with Networking are available here.

If Scrivener behaves better in Safe Mode, it will give some credence to the possibility of a security tool being a factor.

That test would give us a bit more information to work from when determining next steps to suggest.

I had a somewhat similar issue in the past.
It had something to do specifically with my wireless (USB) mouse.
(Hard for me to tell if Scrivener was indeed the trigger, though, as I use it pretty much all day long.)

I don’t recall how exactly I did, or more precisely where in the system I told my computer to stop shifting back and forth from my mouse to other USB devices, but if your mouse is USB, try unplugging/plugging it next time it happens.
If that fixes your issue, well it is already that, and I’ll then look for the proper permanent fix instructions among my pile of not-so-well-organized web bookmarks.

Thank you both for your responses, I followed your suggestions and tried some other things as well, and after much testing, I believe I’ve narrowed the problem down to some software: ‘Seagate Toolkit’, which I use to backup files on my PC to my external HDD, including my scrivener projects. I don’t get any lag or issues using anything else with this software apart from Scrivener.

Could be related to the fact that scrivener auto-saves after X seconds of inactivity.
If your other apps don’t have such a feature and only save when you are done, you wouldn’t notice the lag induced by your auto-backup app.

What @Vincent_Vincent said. Scrivener’s autosaves mean that it creates changed files very frequently. Backup software that tries to keep up with those changes can get into a vicious cycle, where new versions are generated more quickly than the backup software can update itself.

Look at the options for both programs and see if a longer autosave interval and/or a longer backup interval improves matters.

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I would personally leave my projects out of it and sync only my backup folder.
If you ever have a reason to go to your external drive’s content, backups are just as good. (They are actually a clone of the project. Similar in every way.)

If the drive is not intended as a backup, but rather how you carry stuff from a computer to another (in which case using the backup version of a project is not the best of ideas), then see if you can schedule when files are copied to it. Instead of it being live.

Maybe a red herring. I had this issue on my Mac after an OS upgrade. After a bit of internet sleuthing it was suggested this a Bluetooth problem with wireless keyboard. I reset Bluetooth and lagging disappeared.