Scrivener launches with an old manuscript - how do I tell it to open the one I'm working on?

Every time I launch from my taskbar it opens an old MS I haven’t used since the last update despite me creating a new project and writing in it daily. I’ve saved this new one as a favourite, but it still launches the old one. It’s not a big deal as I just click one ‘Open recent’ but it just seems weird.


Technically, since that shows that you have your options set to load last opened project on startup, it should load your last project.
Make sure that you close that odd project before the one you actually want to work on. (Do it once in that order and you should be fine from now on.)
If that fails, perhaps try moving the project folder of that odd project (with Scrivener closed) to a new location then launch Scrivener. It should then show the project template selector, from which you can opt to load a recent project at the bottom. Pick yours (the right one) from the list. … This might reset what is wrong. (No guarantee.)

→ The favorite projects list has nothing to do with any of this.

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Could be (just an hypothesis) that Scrivener undergoes some kind of minor crash every time you close it down. Therefor never really overwriting what was the last project opened, and always going back for the last one it actually knows of. (The one you don’t want.)

This worked! Thank you so much it was driving me nuts. And you’re right, I was having a few instances where it wasn’t closing properly (and that seemed to be a separate OneDrive issue (which I never use) but I’ve fixed that).

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