Scrivener Layouts

This issue has been occurring in all betas so far with Windows. Wasn’t sure if it was an overlap or not but given that it’s been present since at least Beta3 I’m going to go ahead and talk about it.

Operating Systems Tested (multiple versions, latest shown):

  • Windows Server 2016 Standard (RemoteApp) 1607 14393.2515
  • Windows 10 Pro 1803
  • Windows 10 Home 1803

So, I have defined a custom layout in the Layout screen (Scrivener -> Window -> Layouts -> Manage Layouts). If Scrivener is open (ie, I do not close the program), I can change layouts no issue. The issue is when I close Scrivener and reopen it. The Layouts menu conveniently forgets how to do my layout. I have to manually rearrange it every time I start the program (which also means its not saving the layout? When you close and open Scrivener it goes back to whatever you were doing before with the “open” documents). This is what made me choose the workaround of set up as a RemoteApp, since my server rarely goes down for reboots I just leave Scrivener open as a remoteapp so that my layout is preserved for as long as possible. If I have to reload the session though the behaviour still remains, so using in a desktop environment or a RDP Session environment causes no differences in the bug’s behaviour.

What Scrivener Layout can remember after a restart:

  • It CAN remember that Inspector is locked to a pane, and which pane it was locked to.
  • It CAN remember which documents were openu[/u]

What Scrivener Layout canNOT remember after a restart:

  • It CANNOT remember which pane is where (I use a modified “Three Pane” setup; I have my timeline in outline mode, setup to view timeline options in a copyholder on the bottom, with the current writing document to the right, with the inspector locked to the writing document). Every single time my timeline winds up on the right and my writing winds up on the left, which then makes the timeline sandwiched between the locked inspector far right and the writing document left.
  • It CANNOT remember that copyholders are in use, or what documents were open in the copyholder. (the copyholder does not appear at all, I have to open it every time, reset it to the bottom, then reset the timeline pane to open in copyholder - none of these settings are remembered).

Mind you, again, none of these problems exist so long as Scrivener remains open. I can save my layout, then swap to every single different layout included by default and then back to my custom layout and every single setting will be remembered and reapplied just like you’d expect. It’s only when you close the program and reload that the problems begin.

u[/u] Scrivener does not remember what was open in the copyholder, or indeed that a copyholder was active. All other panes are remembered and displayed.