Scrivener less responsive as file size grew


My file size just went past 300 MB and now Scrivener has become less responsive. I see colorful circle and can’t move around for a good 5 second every time I paste a small screen clipping. Is it too large a file? I don’t want to break it if I don’t have to as I use pointers all over the pace.

I appreciate your help.

300 MB in a single project is not unreasonable. 300 MB in a single document within the project might be.

In particular, it’s a good idea to limit the number of images to only a few per document.


Is the project only one single document or have you split it in numerous sub-documents? “File” is not a good description of a Scrivener project because what you see as the project in Finder is actually a folder, disguised as a “file”. So what is it that is 300 Mb? How is the project structured?