Scrivener License and Project Transfers

Hi all -

I currently have Scrivener on my iMac, but I’m thinking of purchasing a MacBook so I can take my laptop with me and write anywhere.

[b]Does anyone know if I’d need to purchase Scrivener again for my laptop, or would my license cover more than one machine?

Also, would it be a simple process transferring projects between machines? Via USB or Airdrop etc…[/b]

Any ideas?

We have some tips for migrating or simply expanding to a new computer in our knowledge base.

For your data, I recommend using USB cables between the machines, or an external drive that you can plug into one and then the next. WiFi is a lot slower and more prone to error. If you do use WiFi though, consider using File Sharing, in the System Preferences “Sharing” pane, rather than AirDrop. That is a lot more stable than AirDrop for large transfers.

Cheers for details on sharing/transferring projects from one machine to another.

With regards to my query on whether my Scrivener license would cover another machine, I’ve checked my emails and it looks like I purchased Scrivener direct from Would this mean that I wouldn’t have to purchase Scrivener again to use on a new Apple laptop?

That’s not problem at all. We have a very generous licence, even better than App Store. Here are the details. In brief: you can install this on any computer you own and one you primarily use (such as an office machine). In fact, even family members living under your roof can use their own copies as well.

Thanks, AmberV.

Do you know if there’s anyway I can check conclusively within my Scrivener app itself?

What are you looking to check for, the licence? It’s not linked to within the software if that is what you mean, but that link is to the official homepage.

I was just curious. I’m sure I read somewhere that whether you could share you’re software on other machines depended on whether you’d purchased your software from iTunes or direct from Scrivener. No worries.