Scrivener license problem upgrading to Mac OS Catalina 10.15 19A583

I upgraded Catalina to 10.15 19A583 this morning (8th October 2019) and once it had finished I went into Scrivener and it prompted me that I only had a 30 days free trial and I needed to buy a license to continue permanently.
However, I have had a license for quite a long time.
I put in my license number but Scrivener would not accept it.
I have sent an e-mail to for support as referenced on the input screen.
I have not had a response yet saying they will get back to me.
When I do, I will post here what they said.

This is a known issue: … gistration

We apologize for the inconvenience,


Thanks for the details - one more thing to point out.

This happened to me, and possibly because I bought my license before you moved to your new provider, when I asked the Scrivener application to send me the license info it did not do it.

When I did it from the link you shared, it did.

I suspect that the in-app request goes to the new provider only, and they (naturally) don’t have details of my old license.

I’m back up and running, thanks!