Scrivener limits

I have a project with 7100 items organized in folders. There are the usual text documents, but also a pdf and a Pages document. Some Folders have their own text. The Trash contains many items.

I have found the following issues:

Collections don’t show all items

Drop down menus don’t show all Collections

The Outliner won’t sort by column consistently

Compile will uncheck a single item, and no more, in the last 100 Binder items.

Folder text does not display

Synopses are not consistently applied using Autofill

I think all of these are due to the size of the Project.

Rather than change the project, I have started a new one, picking up where it leaves off.

I post this because many here wonder about the upper limit of Scrivener projects, not for a fix or to complain.

There had to be a limit somewhere and I think I am running into it.

I hope this was useful.