Scrivener link behavior in binder

I am calling this a bug since the behavior is not what I would have expected. I could be that I am the one with the bug!

  1. I open a document, which is appropriately highlighted in the binder, and click on link to another document
  2. The linked document opens side-by-side to the original document.
  3. I click on the “single document edit” (or whatever it is called) icon, which, predictably closes the original, “linking” document
  4. I start typing inside of the newly opened document and I notice that the original “linking” document (that is now closed) is still highlighted.
  5. I would have expected that the highlighting in the binder should move to the document that is currently being worked on.

End of bug report.

Any comments?


This is the intended behavior. In most cases, the binder selection does not follow the editor selection. There are a lot of ways to change documents in the editor–clicking a link, as you did, using the back/forward in document history buttons, etc.–and you can split the editor and do this individual for each editor. It would end up quite confusing for the binder selection to attempt to follow this, especially with multiple documents selected in each split, and if some documents were hidden in the binder in collapsed folders, etc.

If you want to bring the binder into sync with the editor, you can use View>Reveal in Binder (this will get a shortcut in the future so it will be even easier to use quickly and will also be accessible from a menu in the editor header).

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the clarity.

I knew there must be a method to the madness…

I wonder how much better Hamlet would have been if written using Scrivener… :smiley: