scrivener link color

Is there a way to change the color of the inserted “link of a document” or of the “scrivener link” in a document. It basically appears as pale blue. I would like to choose a more visible color. And define it in my presets.

Yup! Link colour is set in the Appearance pane under Customizable Colors: Editor: Links.


I can’t find Customizable Colors and I know I used to be able to. So I’m getting no color on my links. Here’s what my Preferences Panel looks like. What am I missing.

Click on the colour swatch (1) and the palette smorgasbord (2) should open up. Is that what you want?

Slàinte mhòr.

This is an older thread, referencing where the setting was in Scrivener 2.

As for Scrivener 3, you’re in the right place, and your link colour is set to what looks like default blue. If your links are not showing up then you might have View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Hide Markup enabled.