Scrivener Link & Comments Link

I’m writing an academic paper in Scrivener and I’m referring to a Table. I’ve linked the text to a Table elsewhere in Scrivener (e.g see Table X: Table Title) but I also want to comment on the Table - it seems that I can’t have both a Scrivener link and comment on the same text. Is this correct?

That is correct, both of these features are hyperlinks (one to a document with the table, another to a comment in the sidebar), and you can’t of course have more than one hyperlink assigned to a particular piece of text. I’d consider using an inline annotation instead of a linked comment (being a form of marked text, you can have as many individual notes attached to text as you’d like, rather than just one), or just attach the comment elsewhere and indicate within the comment what it is referring to—perhaps using the regular “yellow marker” highlight feature to do so.