Scrivener link not bringing up content in compile

I am setting up a Scrivener project so that I can select elements of my CV and compile them into a customised CV.

I have a folder will all my CV history in individual files per role and want to have Scrivener links as appropriate to pull out content from those files and compile them into a new CV.

But when I try compile, I just get the link but not the content

What do I need to do for the content to show?

Scrivener Links are for cross-referencing, mainly. Either for yourself, to link research documents to bits of text, or whatever else you may need, or, when exporting to a format that supports bookmark style cross-linking, they allow you to build books with built-in functional links between topics included in the Draft. One interesting exception is that they can be used to pull information from other items: when a meta-data placeholder is linked to another document than the one you typed it into. However, you cannot get the full rich text content that way. We’re just talking simple things like the label setting, or its title and synopsis.

Basically, the way Scrivener is designed, content has to be in the with the main outline, in order to be included.

There is one way to bend that rule a little bit, but it will leave you without any hierarchical structure, for compile purposes. In other words, everything will be in a flat list, so you wouldn’t be able to style level 2 items differently than level 1 items. If you do all of your formatting in the editor, that may be no big deal. But, on the flip side, you get to cherry pick items from throughout the entire Binder, even outside the Draft, so long as they are folders or text items. Simply add these items to a Collection, order them as they should appear, and then select that Collection from the Contents compile option pane, along the very top (it will be down at the bottom of the menu).

Another possibility, if you do not need rich text, is to return to the initial mechanism I referred to, and use the Synopsis to hold the content that should be inserted, instead of the main text area. Like I was saying, you can type in <$synopsis>, select it and hyperlink it to the history item that should be printed there. The placeholder will be replaced with that linked-to item’s synopsis. But, I imagine you probably need italics and bold for this, let alone more fancy stuff.

Thanks Amber - I think that the easiest way is just have a synopsis on each of the index cards (one per job role) and then assemble these as needed per CV. Else it gets too complicated.