Scrivener Link Problem with Compile to PDF

My documents contain Scrivener Links which are very handy, but when I compile to PDF they are problematic. The Scrivener Link shows up in the PDF, but links to the scrivener document number without an extension on the file name so nothing happens. Not that I’d want the link to take me to the Scrivener document, mind you. I’d prefer the link take me to the appropriate section of the PDF document. If not that, the link shouldn’t be included in the PDF when compiling. Is there any way to get these links to work correctly, or remove the link?

I’m afraid not at the moment, though this is something we’re working on; it turned out evidently not as straightforward as I’d hoped. Your best option right now is either to compile to .rtf or .doc and open in Word or the like and strip the hyperlinks there, then save to PDF, or to place all the Scrivener links inside inline annotations, then remove the annotations on compile (keeping in mind this removes the linked text as well). I imagine the first option will be easier at this stage in your project, though the latter option might be simpler moving forward. Ultimately there will be the option to remove hyperlinks on compile, as well as just having the compiler ignore Scrivener links when compiling to formats that can’t support them, and for formats that can support them as RTF bookmarks, they’ll be converted as such.