Scrivener Link Problem

I am setting up Scrivener Links in an e-book and have run into a problem.
I select the chapter title and Control-Click.
The drop-down menu makes Suggestions, usually matching the selected title.
But in one instance the Suggestion doubles the title, like this:
64. The Man in the Red Cloak 64. The Man in the Red Cloak
The selected text doesn’t look like that at all.
Nor does the chapter title in the Binder.
I’ve tried erasing the title in Contents and the Binder, then re-typing the correct title.
Still the Suggestions shows the doubled form.
I’m concerned that will create a bad title in the finished e-book.
Anyone know how to correct this error?

I’m not sure what is causing the odd result, but it shouldn’t affect the compile, that’s a completely different engine. It just checks the target of the link, it’s Binder name, and then the text that is hyperlinked and if they match then it checks the target item for Formatting rules that might impact the visible title and adjusts accordingly (if that preference is enabled). If they don’t match, then the base hyperlink text is left alone.

Have you tried linking to this doubled item and then clicking to link to see where it actually goes? Maybe it doesn’t go where you’d think it would.

Clicking on the link does open the correct chapter.

I’ll hope for the best when I compile.

Thanks, Ioa.