'Scrivener link' text disappears[NOTED]

After opening the program afresh,
text that possessed a scrivener-link
disappeared completely from the sentence.

This has happened several times.

I’ve not stopped using scrivener-links for now,
because I can’t have that happen.

Specific details:

The link-posessing text was a single word.
It linked to a node that was a text-node, within a folder node.
The node had text in it.

Thanks Zenji, this is a known bug and we are working to fix it. Thanks for taking the time to post.

How is the program suppose to handle links in the compiled form?

Compiling to rtf and opening in Word 2000 the link text was replaced with a repeating message that the link was invalid. It would be most excellent if the links compiled to target the location of the linked document in the compiled document (assuming the linked document was also being compiled) ex. a table of contents. Otherwise the link should be killed and the text compiled normally.

Once text has been converted to a Scrivener-link, can the link be removed from the text? I did not see a way to do that other than to rewrite the text. Thanks.