SCRIVENER LINK: to the binder not to a new window

Hello people of Scrivener,

I have three little questions:

  1. Is there an option to create a link to a file in the project (as with Scrivener Link) in a way that it takes you to the right place in the binder instead of opening a new window?

  2. Is there an option to create a link to a certain page of a PDF file that is in the Binder?

  3. Can I customise the Inspector? (for ex.: no Synopsis, both Document Reference and Keywords on the inspector panel, etc.)

Thank you,


In the Navigation preferences tab, there are some options for how links work. You can set references to load in the same editor for example, as well as links, making them act more like a browser. The history buttons in the header bar come in handy there.

On the second two questions the answer is no. With PDF, it’s down to technical limitations. We use the system PDF viewer, and it doesn’t really have too many features that would help us out here for that kind of thing. We will be adding a jump to page feature in the future though, so you could at the least specify the page in your link description or text somewhere and then use that to get where you need to go within the PDF.

As for the third, we’ve thought about it, but making that possible is a lot of complexity for little gain. Keep in mind it is very easy to switch between Inspector panes once you get used to the shortcuts. They are listed in the View/Inspect/ sub-menu and are easy to memorise as they following a zig-zag pattern along the right home row. A neat trick is that you can hit the shortcut twice in a row to put your keyboard focus in the view. This is nice for keywords, since you can press return to assign new ones. Also keep in mind you can collapse sections you don’t need, such as synopsis.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer and for all those good tips!!! :smiley: