Scrivener Link, via keyboard, to an active document


I’d like a way to create a Scrivener Link from a document to itself, through a keyboard sequence that does not depend on the document’s position in the binder. Self-links are valuable because they can be copied and pasted into other documents as cross references. It’s much easier to deploy a fixed keyboard sequence than to navigate a cascading menu in search of a document you’re already working with. Especially if you’re automating with AutoHotKey. :slight_smile:

Yes, there’s a system of document references, but, particularly as we’re blessed with two editors, it’s helpful to be able to organize certain links right up in the document.

Ideally, the “Scrivener Link” menu would add the options available on the “Move Focus To” menu. Thus, Scrivener Link to the active editor’s document, to the other editor’s document, or to the document selected in the binder, when there’s only one.

I actually do have a self-link script in AutoHotKey. Terribly kludgy to have AHK arrow the document to the top position in the binder just so Scrivener Link can find it by rote. Then I must drag the document back to where it was. And I do. It’s worth it to have the link without the hunt. But those steps would be spared if the capability were baked in.

Thanks for considering…Jerome