Scrivener Links Between Projects. How do I make them work?


I have a novel series and for that series I have a project which is the "Bible"for the series and includes all character profiles, locations, etc. for the Series.

Under the reference panel for each character and each location I drag the scene links from the individual novel project for a particular character or scene. This gives me a running list of everywhere a character shows up, for example.

However, after having done all this work, I just clicked on one of the links and nothing happens. Please tell me I haven’t done all this work for nothing :open_mouth:

Any help much appreciated. Michael

Are all of the projects involved still in the same locations as when you created the links? This sort of link depends on the relative positions of the projects in the file system, and so can be very fragile if network drives, removable drives, or Dropbox volumes are involved.


Thanks that was the problem. I rearranged two file folders. Darnit! Well at least the links I created today were ok. Won’t move those again. :cry: