Scrivener links broken when cut & pasted

I have some links from one part of a Scrivener document to another. If I cut & paste the text that includes these links, the links are broken. Is there a way around this? Seems like a shame at best, and a bug at worst?

Hi edly, this was an oversight on my part, apologies. Because Scrivener links are custom links (and private to Scrivener), they are not supported by the default cut and paste methods, it seems (I had assumed they would be, given that links in general are and they use the same sort of data, and it seems odd that they aren’t, but there you go). I have to provide custom paste data so that footnotes and annotations can be copied and pasted, but I had omitted to do so for Scrivener links. I’ve added it to the list of things to look into addressing for 1.12 (the next free update).