Scrivener links compile failed


According to Scrivener release recap: “Scrivener links now compile as internal links for RTF and, if Microsoft Word is installed, for PDF, DOC and DOCX when “Include in RTF bookmarks” is checked for the document type and level in compile formatting.”.

According to Scrivener Manual “When compiling, unless the target format (such as RTF and HTML) supports point-to-point linking, they will be stripped out of the source text, and thus are handy for
inserting useful links for your own purposes.”

I am running Scrivener, have Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013 installed.

Any of my attempts to compile a group of project parts containing Scrivener links and get the items linked in the exported files failed. I have tried to compile the project as a .rtf, .docx and as .pdf - no links at all. Could you advice what can it be and how to fix it?

Also, the release recap and manual seem a little unsynced, because there is not any mention about .doc and .pdf in Scrivener link compile section of the manual.


Unless you’re compiling to RTF, you’ll need to be sure that you have set the export converter to “Microsoft Office” for whichever format you’re using, in the Import/Export section of Tools > Options. This should have been the default, given that you have 2010 and 2013 installed, but double-check to make sure it is set that way. You’ll need to click “Export Converters” in that option pane, then select the file format from the left drop-down menu and then the “Microsoft Office” option from the right.

Links will only compile if the linked document is part of the compile, i.e. Scrivener links to research documents and such won’t be included.

In Compile’s Transformations, make sure you’ve selected “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined”. The links will exist without this, but they’ll appear like normal text until you hover the mouse over them. This may be all that’s the problem.

Thanks for help, MM.

First, your suggestion to make sure I have selected “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined” in Compile’s Transformations worked for me- it has been unchecked. It has been unchecked by default - I have not changed anything in Compile Settings, so it would be great if it has been checked by default not inducing such an investigation from my part.

There is still an issue - for .docx, .rtf compiling works without a hitch (I get the links underlined and in blue), but as for .pdf - nope. The links are in complied document, but they are not formatted in any way - they look like a regular text. If I convert the docx/ .rtf to .pdf via MS Word, yep, the links in .pdf are underlined and blue. What can be the reason of such an issue?


This is just a factor of the converters used for generating the PDF file. I’ll ensure it’s on the list to see if there’s a way to force the underlined, colored links in PDF output as we’re doing for opening in Microsoft Word.

Thanks, got it.