Scrivener links - do they work? How?

This is probably totally ridiculous:
I cannot make Scrivener links (internal links) work for me.
I can create them, they appear in blue and underlined, but clicking on them does not do anything, does not open or take me to the document I linked.

I searched, but have not found this listed as a known bug.

Given that my previous keyboard problem with [ was due to having a German keyboard, I am wondering now whether there is such a thing as a German mouse… whose clicks Scrivener does not like…?

Scrivener 035, tried on XP and Win7.

Sorry, there’s not a known bug list at present–life is crazy in the code caves. This is a bug though–the links do work, but clicking them will load the linked file in the other editor only if you have the editor split to start with. Otherwise, clicking does nothing, as you’re seeing. This has been addressed for the next update; meanwhile the workaround is just to set up the split editor and then click the link.

Thanks MM!
Good to know the links do work - the workaround is easy enough to use for now.

Thank you all for working so hard to get rid of all those last bugs.
Already looking very good now!

Here’s the thing. Let’s say that my document has Scrivener links in it, and then I compile the document to some format that supports links, like PDF or HTML or what have you. The result doesn’t work, because the internal links are not compiled as internal links in the target file, but translated into links to documents in the destination directory that don’t exist (since they’re the internal Scrivener file names…). The result is a (broken) link to the Scrivener source document, which is obviously no good at all.

I have to assume that the intention of the internal links is to be useful in the compiled documents. Otherwise, what are they for? But at present they’re useless.

If they did work, then I could use Scrivener for the kinds of things that I currently use Twine for (, even though I’ll have to wait for MultiMarkdown/Scrivener integration in Windows to do any serious interactive fiction layout with Scrivener. For one thing, I’d have to at least display only one document at a time, but with style sheets and some javascript that could be done. But that’s a side issue.

The real problem is that Scrivener links don’t do anything useful at the moment. So, what are the plans to fix this one?

Oh, and by the way. Scrivener links work just fine in the Linux version; click-and-open-other-editor just as advertised, whether or not the other editor is open to begin with.