Scrivener Links - Drag n Drop

Two UI suggestions relating to Scrivener links:

  1. Drag from Binder to document:
    Insert a link. If there is selected text, link that text; otherwise, let the user drop in a link with the title as link content.

  2. Drag from selected Editor text to Binder:
    Link the selected text to the destination file.


Something like this is planned for a future update–drag and drop from the binder to editor to create a link is already available in the current beta version. Dragging a text document or an image to the editor will insert the text or image. Holding the Alt key while dragging will insert a link to the document, using the title as the link text.

Editor-to-binder dragging isn’t implemented yet, but the plan is for it to create a new document containing the dragged text; there’s no way to link to specific text, so it doesn’t really make sense otherwise.

Would it be possible to make it so that we have the option of creating a new document with the text and leaving the original text where it is, OR creating the new document and excising the text from the original document? One could be an Alt-drag and drop.