Scrivener Links for eBook formats (Windows)

Currently, in Scrivener for Windows there is no way for Scrivener links to be converted into links when you compile for formats like ePUB, Kindle, etc. However, in the MAC version you have the option to keep Scrivener links in the published format of a ePUB, etc.

I am aware that Scrivener links do work for certain compile formats like Rich Text (I think) but they do not work for any eBook formats.

A Scrivener Link is a custom link that you can link to a different section. Be great for Choose Your Own Adventures, research eBooks, etc.
I am currently stalled with my CYOA book because I’m unable to publish it as an eBook due to no link within a document style ability in Scrivener for Windows.
Please add this feature in an upcoming version of Scrivener!
Thanks in Advance!
P.S. I tried seeing if this feature has been requested by using the search feature of the forum but couldn’t find any.

Given that every feature of the Mac version will be coming to the Windows version in the fullness of time, with parity expected with the next major update, there is no need to request such things.

Whether there will be another minor update before then, and if so what features as yet missing from Win-Scriv will be included, I have no idea.

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