Scrivener links forever?

Is a scrivener link forever? I created a link on a word in my document because I did not want to forget something. Well I acted on the link and I need it no more. But I can’t find how to remove the link. A right click on the word shows nothing in the menu.

Use “Unlink” from the Edit menu.
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Strawberry fields, on the other hand…

but nothing is real there. :question:


Hmm, unlink in the edit menu did not work, tried three times. Then I noticed the comment had a little x in a circle in the top right corner - that deleted the comment and the link.


Ah, yes the unlink command will not destroy footnotes and comments! That is very much by design. :slight_smile: There would be a riot if it did.

You asked about links - presumably you meant comments. :slight_smile:

Yes sorry, I thought I’d used the create link feature in the menu - still finding my way around :slight_smile:

I may have missed this in menus or instructions, but:

  1. Does the unlink command appear on any contextual menus related to link? I know that it is in the Edit menu and that I can likely create a shortcut key to handle, but it would be great if it was part of the contextual menu or the user could add it to that menu through preferences.
  2. My assumption was that when I deleted a file that was linked to a word in another file (and emptied the trash), the link indication on that word would be removed automatically. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Is there a reason why that does not occur? It seems logical that it would, but as I said I may just not know the reason it doesn’t.