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Just having some troubles with scrivener links: I have a project filled with scrivener’s links. These links point to PDF files inside research folder. When I try to compile in html format, each link is underlined and working but points to a file named just like all those pdf are named (with a number) but without the extension “.pdf” (or whatelse it is). I would like to export the html compiled file, inside a folder containing all my pdfs with their numbers. It should work if the generated html code would enclose the exact file name of the file I have to link to, but in html code this name is not complete (“64” instead of “64.pdf” and so on). Is it there a way to solve this?

There’s not a way to do this with Scrivener links; you’d need to apply the links via Edit > Link… (Edit > Add Link… on Mac). I am curious though how you’re getting as much as you are now. Scrivener links that don’t point to a document within the compile group should be removed as part of the compile process, and when I double-checked this now compiling to HTML on 1.7.3 the links didn’t come through, as expected. Same on Mac 2.6. Are you using an older version?

Just checked it is on 1.7.2. Documents I refer to are in serarch folder with radio button “Include in compilation” checked. These links are persistent in html compilation but with incomplete file name

Here how I got it:

Well, my project is full of scrivener’s link pointing to pdf files inside search folder. Inside inspector, each pdf has radio button “include in compilation” checked (But I think it is not important).
Each pdf is stored inside “Projectname.scriv/files/docs” and is associated to a number (But I don’t know what number)
First I create a scrivener link pointing to desired pdf, and I reach it easily from within menus. Then I select the text of just created link and go to menu, edit, create link. A box opens asking me to select a file or something else to point to. Inside the box I find the pdf’s number of desired file (it is left there by scrivener link?). I have only to add “.pdf” and push OK.
I repeat this for all the links I need. Then I compile to html in a folder containing all the files I need (taken from Projectname.scriv/files/docs). This way all work good.

Other solution

I have a project with scrivener links pointing to pdf inside search folder
I compile to html
I copy pdf files from Projectname.scriv/files/docs to a folder in wich I put html resulting from compilation, for examle: c:\myfolder
I rename all pdf in c:\myfolder to the same file name without .pdf extension, so that “44.pdf” will be only “44”
(from promt
CD c:\myfolder
REN *.pdf *.
I doubleclick c:\myfolder\projectname.html to launch my compiled file inside browser and all links work good

Ah, okay. It looks like the bug with the broken links was only fixed in the most recent update, 1.7.3. Your first method, of converting the Scrivener links to external file links before compile, will continue working even if you update Scrivener.

I am new to Scrivener and found this post while looking for a fix for my Scrivener links not working when compiled (though I thought “Convert Scrivener links to HTML links” in Compile settings wd. have fixed that).

According to the above posts, am I instead supposed to “Edit>Add Link” rather than use “Add Scrivener Link”? And if so, am I pasting a “File” since it’s in my Research folder? How do I locate the filenames for each of those that I want to link?