Scrivener links in cards

Good morning

While I absolutely love Scrivener for organizing my PhD research, it would be nice to add the possibility of using Scrivener Links in the 3x5 cards.

My reason is that I create a card for each article I read, in which I add a link to the article in Bibdesk (works like a charm). If I could have the link directly on the card, I could do the switch between Bibdesk and Scrivener directly in the corkboard and it would be great !

Thank you


I’m afraid there is no way of doing this. The corkboard cannot accept rich text, and even if it could, when you aren’t editing a card, the card is just an image of the text so the link wouldn’t be clickable. Why not just add the link to the document references in the inspector? That way, when you select a card in the corkboard, any links connected to that card will appear in the references are of the inspector, so you would be able to achieve exactly what you want so long as the inspector is open.
All the best,

I understand the limitation. It would have been nice but this workaround seems to work well for now. Thank you and keep up your good work.