Scrivener links in Comments

Could you add the ability to add Scrivener links to Comments, so we can link to other sections from a comment?


Connor P


This is already on my list for a future version of 2.x, although it will be a few updates before I get chance to look at it. It’s more complicated than it seems, unfortunately, because when comments aren’t being edited, they are just images of the text - and you can’t click on an image of the text. So it needs some careful thinking out (I’m not sure how I can achieve it at the moment).

So, as I say, it’s on the list as I think it would definitely be useful, but it will be some time before I’m able to investigate it properly.


Note on this, I only took a cursory search through the User Manual, but I didn’t see a mention that links don’t work in comments. It’s not a big deal in itself, but since you can have links in inline annotations, they get lost if you convert inline notes to Inspector notes.

Thanks; I added a note on this in the general usage section of the annotation & footnote chapter.