Scrivener links in inspector footnotes

Dear developer,

In the process of writing my PhD thesis, I came across the issue of cross-linking sections of the thesis. I discovered that while such is possible through Scrivener links and the <$p> placeholder tag in inline footnotes (which sounds slightly weird in my humble opinion), it is absent from the inspector footnotes, as the latter do not allow for Scrivener links.

As a historian and for the ease of reading, I prefer to seperate the text and the notes, viz. inspector footnotes over inline footnotes. I know I can add occasional inline footnotes for cross-referencing, but currently there seems to be no way to merge the two kinds of footnotes into simple footnotes (i.e. on the bottom of the page) upon compilation. Rather, one has to convert both kinds to endnotes in order to achieve the merger. Depending on the text editor at hand, the endnotes can then be converted into footnotes.

This adds a number of steps, where it would be nice to have a well-formatted document upon compile. Therefore, I kindly ask you to contemplate adding the option of Scrivener links to the inspector footnotes.

Thank you very much and all the best,


This can be done, it is just done by implication. The two checkboxes you see in the Footnotes/Comments compile option pane discretely set each type to endnotes, but if you disable both of those checkboxes then they will both by default then be footnotes.

There are always going to be unique pros and cons to each method, beyond the obvious aesthetics. One of the cons for inspector notes is that they are already technically a link. They are specially formatted in the editor, but they are stored just like Scrivener Links are—and the format doesn’t currently allow for nested links within links, hence the problem.

Thanks Amber for this quick reply. The implicit meaning of not ticking these boxes was completely missed on me.