Scrivener Links: Jump to current folfer


I’m writing a gamebook, so I’m using Scrivener links a lot as each of my Documents ends like “If you wanna do this, go to Document A, if not go to Document B” (may be even more than two options).

My project consists of more than 500 Documents so far and adding the links gets quite annoying now. I mark the word, press CTRL G+D and the mask opens, where I switch to the tab “Link to existing Document”. There I have to click through many folders and scroll dozens of Documents in the treeview, till I find the right one.

It would be much easier, if the treeview would jump to the current folder of the document I’m editing by pressing a button like “Jump to current folder”, because in most cases, the Document I’m looking for is in the same folder or may be one folder up or down.

Would help to save a lot of clicks. (I’m using Win 10 and version 1.9.6)



We’ll have more and better ways of making links as time goes by.

In the meanwhile though, you can already jump “up” a level in your editor, to view the item you were looking at in context with its siblings. I recently posted some tips along those lines in this thread. Skip to the second paragraph, the first is in answer to another point.

If you’re publishing to HTML, I wrote a template for writing gamebooks for export in twee format, which can be processed into HTML by some outside tools. I don’t do any linking inside Scrivener except for typing the markdown links to other nodes (usually just the text document title). You can read about it (and download it) here: