Scrivener Links - not compiling

I’m new to Scrivener (Windows 10) and am evaluating it for use in a Reference Guide which requires many internal cross-references. I’m planning to compile it for ePUB and for Kindle.

The problem is that none of the internal Scrivener links actually appears in the compiled document - a real show-stopper. This is such a fundamental missing feature that I have concluded I am doing something wrong!

According to a tutorial I’ve found on the web, there should be a “HTML settings” option on the Compile Options drop down (see below) which would allow me to convert Scrivener links to HTML links and this, presumably, is what I need. However, on my installation (the latest Windows release) this option is nowhere to be seen-

I must add that otherwise Scrivener ticks all the boxes - and I really like the way it works.

Can anyone help please?