Scrivener links not working when imported

Hi everyone,

I have two books that make use of heavy internal links, and I’d like to create a box set with both of them included. I created a new project and imported each book’s Scrivener file, but when I click the internal links in the new project, they don’t work.

Is there a way to get these internal links to work without having to re-link them, or am I out of luck?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Anyone? I’d greatly appreciate your help!

Sorry, it was a long holiday weekend with a rather hectic finale when the Windows update went out yesterday.

It looks like there are indeed problems with this. I thought this had been fixed some time ago, but in looking over my notes, it appears just References were fixed, in cases where one project is imported into another using File/Import/Scrivener Project…. The sort of procedure that would be required to cause References to be rewired correctly when merging projects would be similar for links, so it may be doable. I’ll let Keith know.

But just know in general that given how much complexity there is inside of a project, merging can be lossy (outside of the basics like text and synopsis), especially when you get into chicken/egg stuff like this where links have to point to things that may not exist yet in the import process.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for the response. I’d be curious to see what the fix for this is.

In the meantime, I suppose the temporary solution is to remove all my links and re-link them manually, which will take a looong time. Each of my books has 3,000 links…I bet even a fix would still create issues for me.

Thanks again!

Ouch, I would start to wonder if perhaps keeping them in separate projects would be more efficient, ultimately. Do keep in mind that you can link to items between projects. Right click an item in the Binder and select “Copy Document Link”. That will put a special URL on the clipboard that you can add anywhere, even outside of Scrivener, wherever a hyperlink is valid, that when clicked will load that project and focus the item. If you’re main goal is to bind common research together, it could suffice. If you don’t mind using References, you can even do that automatically by dragging any one binder item from one project into another project’s reference list in the inspector.

But if you do wish to proceed, do consider that you need only right-click on a Scrivener Link to re-assign it. You do not have to remove it first and then re-link. You don’t even have to select it as right-clicking implicitly does this for you.

You learn something new - and incredibly useful - every day …

I’ll give that a try, Amber. My projects are ebooks inspired by Choose Your Own Adventures, hence all the links.

Thanks for your help.