Scrivener Links not working

I am really excited about Scrivener for Windows, by the way. It is looking like a great writing resource.

On a "bug"ish note, I’m trying to compile a Table of Contents for my chapters (for my benefit only) using the Scrivener links in order to try out an issue I had in the Tutorial as well. The document title shows up in hyperlink blue, but does not work when I click on it. The cursor doesn’t even change to a “select” arrow, and when clicked on, the link gets a dotted underline but nothing pops up. :confused:

Suggestions? Am I missing a step, doing something wrong?

It’s buggy behavior, that’s all. What’s happening with the links right now is that they’re set to load in the split editor–but if you don’t have a split editor open, then basically nothing happens. If you open the split, you should be able to click the link and see it load in the other editor. So the links are real, it’s just the way that they’re being opened right now that’s not quite right. That’ll be fixed.

Likewise the cursor not changing; there are a couple cursor icon bugs that Lee just needs to ferret out. That’s just a visual thing, though, so again, it’s not going to actually affect your project, it’s just not giving you helpful visual feedback at the moment.

Thanks for the kind words!