Scrivener Links Questions and more


i’m into a Scrivener project in which i’m linking some documents (text documents, no pictures & so forth) to others, the aim being to create an “end product” where the reader is free to jump from chapter 1 to chapter 5 (thanks to the hyperlinks), if he/she wishes so, instead of reading chapter 2 after reading chapter 1, right.

i’d have 2 questions please.

  1. on exporting in order to submit the “end product”, will my Scrivener Links be saved? For instance if I export into PDF?

  2. which piece of software would you suggest i should use in order to make such an “end product” available for publication? I’m thinking of creating some kind of eBook, i’m new to this kind of things…



Yes, links will be saved, provided the links point to other documents that are included in the end product. (So, links to images in Research, which aren’t included in Compile, won’t be saved, while links to other documents in the Draft will be.) Or rather, they are saved in formats that support this internal linking behaviour easily. So, they are supported in PDF export, HTML export, and e-book export.

As for the end-product, that depends on what you are trying to achieve and what your users will be reading it on. An e-book would be best if your readers are going to be using an iPad or Kindle, but a PDF is probably better if more of them will be using computers or just wanting to print it out.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Very glad that links can be saved in the compile as explained :smiley:

As for eBook publication, although I quite understand this matter goes beyond Scrivener’s support, Apple’s iBooks Author seems to be a good choice.
If I’m mistaken or if you have any other suggestions (so that the eBook be readable on more platforms and OSs - not iPad only), please let me know.