Scrivener Links stripped from document

Hi some action (!) stripped all scrivener links from my document. I noticed when compiling from my phd thesis, a MMD file to latex. The compilation process (the day before) used to copy the 100+ images into the compile directory. Now only three images appear. I can fix it by selecting the scrivenings links and reblessing their connection with the images but would rather not to this too regularly

Did I hit a key combo to strip scrivener links or switch to plain text while in edit scrivenings mode?
Anyhow, how do I avoid this happening again?
Kind regards Ian

Hi Ian,

There’s no way I can think of that this could happen unless you selected all the text and used Edit > Unlink. That’s something you’d know about, though. There is no plain text mode, so there’s no way you could switch to such a thing and strip the links. Are you saying that all the links in the text are now gone (no longer blue or underlined)? I’m sorry not to be more helpful, but this is the first I’ve ever heard of anything like this happening so can’t think what could be the cause. Can you think of anything you’ve done with the text in the past few days?

All the best,