Scrivener Links to locate a specific text position?


I am just trying out scrivener for scripting radioplays. I like this app very much and it’s “environment” is very sympathic to me.

Well, I need to transcribe a lot of spoken word to written text and must relocate the audio later. This used to result in huge “word”-documents with timecodes and the spoken word written after it.

This works fine, but I thought, an application like scrivener would offer a function like making lists of positions in the texts. I’d like to make a list of all sentences in my transcriptions like i.e. “dealing with love” or “relevant for climax” or “concerning Peter”, to have an overview of a category’s stuff.

In HTML you have hyperlinks not only to pages but also to parts of them or locations in them.

In scrivener you can locate only documents but not specific positions in documents, or have I overseen something?

Should I transcribe the stuff in HTML an add it to scrivener? Or is there a workaround? Any other app?



(excuse my bad english, please! I’m from germany. :blush: )


Glad you’re liking Scrivener so far. I’m afraid there’s no real way of doing this at the moment. Scrivener isn’t intended as a full “wiki” style environment, so the links are just for linking between documents rather than specific locations within documents. Of course, you can always work in smaller chunks of text, given that it all gets recompiled later.

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Thanks for your quick reply! When working with tons of small documents, is there a limit? If scrivener could handle it, this might be a way…



The only limit is your hard drive size, and OS X limits on the number of files you can have in a single folder (see the FAQ for the exact number - I can’t remember offhand - but it’s in the millions…).


Another suggestion: If it was possible to show only highlighted text of a certain color, this would be perfect! Perhaps, you could implement this function in the search options menu?!

btw.: customizable highlight-colors, -amount and -names were great, too! :smiley:

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You can already search by highlight colour - Edit > Find > Find Highlight…

Oh! excuse me for having ignored that! sorry! this helps very much!

you have a new customer. :smiley: