Scrivener Links via System Text Prefs..

Not sure it qualifies as a Bug, but I do like to link my Characters or Places of special interests to their respective files where I collect some information about them - and, since I am lazy I’d prefer it to an automated process. Since the usual way of using the Scrivener Links via [[ and ]] is quite cumbersome on a german keyboard layout, I tried using System Text Prefs to automatically replace my main characters name - Marie in this case, though it shouldn’t matter since relations between UK and France seem to be quite formidablé - with [[Marie]]. Unfortunately, this does not work - I do get [[Marie]], but no link.

Apart from that - 2.0 is fucking brillant. Blows my head off.
Best piece of software I ever saw. Go for world domination.

Good luck, girls.

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated.

The system preferences thing won’t work, no - Scrivener catches the “]” character as you type it and then checks to see if a link should be made from there. So if the “[[marie]]” is pasted in after you’ve hit whitespace (as required for system preference replacements), it won’t be detected. I’m not sure there’s a good solution to this, since otherwise Scrivener would have to parse all pasted text, and if there were several words with brackets around them, you could see the New Link sheet several times. Maybe one to think about for a future refinement update though.

Thanks again,

You could choose the US/UK keyboard layout (in OSX preferences) for your German keyboard. I’m doing that here in Australia. You just have to remember where the buttons are, but if you work on a US/UK keyboard from time to time anyway, then that’s fairly easy.
Or you could buy a US/UK keyboard, should only cost you a few bucks if you don’t go for Apple.