Scrivener links

Is there a way to edit and/or remove a link once created? Didn’t see anything in the tutorial about that nor in the menus.

Also, would it be possible to add linking to the contextual menu. It’s a quicker way to establish links. I asked this question elsewhere, I know. Sorry.



Firstly, the only way to edit is to delete them and recreate them. :slight_smile: This is the same as web links - it is just the nature of links in text views. That is not going to change.

You did indeed already ask about adding Scrivener Links to the contextual menu, and I heard you already. In fact, I heard you so well that I’ve already implemented it for beta 2. :slight_smile:

Oops. :blush: You are wonderful! :slight_smile:

Re editing links—just got spoiled with being able to edit and remove links in DT. No worries, this will work fine (deleting and recreating)!

Perhaps I misunderstand, but if I right-click (CTRL-click) on a Scrivener link and choose Edit Link from the contextual menu, a “Link Destination” dialog with an empty text field appears. Hit the OK button and the dialog closes and the Scrivener link is gone. (In the case of a web link, of course, the dialog text field contains the URL, so you have to first delete it and click OK to remove the link.)

Is this what you mean by “the only way to edit is to delete them and recreate them”?

I must say that one of the things that has always frustrated me about Word is the fact that you have to open the Edit Link dialog and then choose Remove Link. Why not just a Remove Link item in the contextual menu?

That “Edit Link” dialogue will only allow you to enter a web link - it allows you to convert a Scrivener link to a web link. When you would want to do this? Probably never. The web link feature is built into the Cocoa text system; the Scrivener Link was (obviously) built by me. All links in a text view, of any kind, use the same internal attribute - it’s the only way to create them. So when the default contextual menu finds that link, it offers you the ability to change the destination to a different web page. Not much I can do about that without rewriting the default contextual menu, but I don’t want to do that given that it is very complicated, handling spell check etc…

As for a “Remove link” option in the contextual menu - the contextual menu is already rather long and I am loathe to add much else to it. Context menus should be reasonably short so that it is easy to see all options at once. So for now you’ll have to remove links manually, I’m afraid.