Scrivener Links

I am using Typinator on a daily basis to track the progress of my projects, writing and otherwise. I am trying to set up a system so that if I need to remember to check a different location (file or folder within a Scrivener document) for what I need, then I have already set up a link to click on to go there. I can set up all the external links I want using this method and that is great. If a Typinator script pastes in that it has been 08 days since I worked on a certain file and I know it has a due date, I can click on the link to the external location of that document and work on it.

Unfortunately, I cannot do the same thing to what I am writing within Scrivener.

Typinator will paste what I store there in either formatted or unformatted text. It can paste the linked text using the Scrivener external linking dialog just fine. But I cannot not set up text with an internal scrivener link in a Typinator paste board and have it paste into Scrivener with the Scrivener link still attached and active.

Is there any known method for doing this? I have already tried dragging a Scrivener folder or file onto the external linking dialog box with no success.


I think you can do this using the setting “Automatically detect [[Scrivener Links]]” in Preferences > Corrections.

This allows you to type in, say, [[Journal]] and it will automatically create a link to an existing unique document Journal, or offer to create it for you if it doesn’t exist. If there’s more than one it opens the normal links dialogue. This is a brilliant feature.

However, it seems you can’t just set your macro up to insert [[Journal]] because for some reason that doesn’t trigger the link and the text stays ‘dead’.

Instead, create it with the last ] missing - e.g. [[Journal] and when it is copied in, just add the final ] yourself: the link is triggered and you can now click on it.

Does this help?

OK, thanks. I didn’t know it could do this. I did not have that setting set in preferences - now I do.

Curious why pasting it with full brackets doesn’t work but, not difficult to add a backspace and then a extra bracket character to the macro.

The final bracket can be part of your typinator expansion, but you have to get tricky with it. Scrivener is looking for you to type that final ], not just paste it in, which is how a typinator expansion looks to it. I think what I did (I’ll have to check later), is to manipulate the cursor position left, and then back right before the final ] is added, which looks like it’s been typed rather than pasted…

That may not be right, but it’s in the vicinity of correctness. If you can’t experiment your way to making it work, I’ll try to revisit this thread and explain my solution once I can get back to my Mac.

I’ve just tried it on Keyboard Maestro – it’s definitely the ‘copied’ bit which doesn’t work, so you need to insert the keystroke for the final ] directly, not copy it in.

Eg: On Keyboard Maestro, the macro has two steps.

a) Insert Text by pasting ‘[[DocumentName]’. << single final bracket, no need to backspace (and no quotes of course)
b) Insert Keystroke ‘]’

This works. Glad it helped. If Typinator can’t do that, then it’s not really much hardship to add the ] manually.

No, thanks for the thought but … no. With Typinator and with Keyboard Maestro (I use them both) I can paste something or have the macro type in the same thing that is on the clipboard. The solution here is to use both paste and type.

Pasting in the target with just one bracket to the right, and then having the macro continue with actually typing - not pasting, the final bracket works well.

I am left with one problem that is not related directly to this. When I added a second target file, now Scrivener balks. It gives me a dialog that I need to find the file. I see this as only partially related as the file in question was just dragged to a new location before I did this. It is likely that Scrivener has some internal indexing process that it has not yet updated (?).