Scrivener Linux Edition

Okay, I am thoroughly lost on this one!

Slowly bur surely migrating my way to Linux, using Ubuntu 12.04. Under Gnome, Scrivener for Linux works perfectly (considering it is still in Beta) and I am very happy with it. HOWEVER… for various reasons, I prefer KDE for my desktop. When I load KDE and click on Scrivener, it will not open; it looks like it starts to, then vanishes.

Linux Beginner, trying to figure things out, but this one has me stumped. Any ideas? Suggestion? Thoughts???

Better start reading the other posts on this forum on how to make it work, they tend to vary a little, but usually involves installing 32 bits library (if you are running 64 bits), plus some extra libraries and toying with aspell

If it’s working on the same computer, same account with Gnome and not KDE, then it’s a matter of how you start Scrivener. Are you starting it via the script that comes with it? Try staring it via the “” script, instead. Some KDE users report having conflicts with the custom version of Qt Scrivener uses. (Those reside in the Scrivener directory, and shouldn’t ever be copied out of it.) Starting Scrivener via the script (as opposed to the binary) will unset a variable, so the two sets of libraries won’t conflict.

Thanks, guys! Will work on it and report back!