Scrivener Lion Update breaks Scrivener shocker

Hi there,

I’ve just updated Scrivener to the Lion update.

Now Scrivener gives me the following message:

““Scrivener” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Scrivener” and download it again from the App Store.”

Does that mean that I would have to purchase it again. Not very happy if that is the case.

All the best,


And now it seems to be working. Very odd!

Anyway, good to see it working.



It sounds as though your Lion upgrade has just caused a few problems - this isn’t a Scrivener bug, and of course you don’t have to buy again! Move Scrivener from the Applications folder to the Trash, then go to the “Purchased” tab of the Mac App Store and re-download. Most likely it’s caused by Lion changing your computer so that it needs a new validation receipt for apps downloaded from the MAS.

EDIT: Glad you got it working!

Hope that helps.

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