Scrivener List, highlight cannot be selected

I’m trying to use bullet points for one of my document and I cannot select from the interface. It’s whited out, same as to highlight and fill option. Please advise.

Thank you,

Elements typically disable based on where the focus is in the project window, so the first thing would just be to double check that the focus is still in the text within the main editor when you open the Format menu. These formatting options also only apply to document text, not within synopses, so they’ll be disabled if you’re within an index card on the corkboard, for instance.

Have you checked if the problem is specific to that document? What happens if you create a new document, focus the editor, and then try to select the bullet style from Format > Lists?

Have you recently updated to Big Sur? If yes, have you also updated to the Big Sur version of Scrivener?