Scrivener locks up when indexing - but just for this single file

I can open other scrivener files but Scrivener locks up for this singe one.
It stops at the same page every time i try. I’ve restarted the computer but that doesn’t help.

And the file I can’t open is my book script :frowning:

Try resetting the project’s displays, as described here: That’s a good first step when an issue is limited to a specific project.

Thanks!! I will try <3

No, it doesn’t work :frowning: Maybe I did something wrong. But I created a new project and imported the the “old” scrivener project to the new one. And it seems like it works.

And I deleted the file which locked up the indexing.

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That’s a good next step if resetting the project display’s doesn’t fix it. Sometimes pulling your files into a new project is an easy, quick fix.

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