Scrivener lockup and terminate on file select[BUG LOGGED]

While I was selecting some files to move from one Scrivener folder to another, the program went into “not responding” mode". After some minutes I left and when I came back the notice below was on screen

After I clicked OK, Scrivener closed. I opened it again and moved a couple of the files, one at a time using drag and drop. Then I decided to try selecting multiple files again, to see if the behaviour would repeat. I selected one file, then a second with control-click. The two files seemed fine, so I tried control-clicking on the third. When I clicked on that third file, Scrivener again displayed “not responding” in the title bar.

The program is still “not responding” so I’ll leave it and come back later. I assume it will one again have the “must close” message.

I wonder if anyone else has problems selecting more than 2 files at a time? It’s funny, because I did select a whole bunch of files a couple of hours ago when I was trying to see if I could set format across files. Not sure why it’s being temperamental now.