Scrivener lost everything I wrote

I wrote just over 4K words last week and noticed the application saved by itself. I wrote something, closed it, and re-opened and found the typed text without having to click “file-save”.

But when I returned today I didn’t see the folder I had titled with the name of the book. I figured it saved to a folder and then just performed the update it offered when I opened the application.

Once the update was done however, I could not find the text I had written last week. Fortunately I did a copy and paste into a text document to be safe but I’m concerned my work will not be saved in the future.

When I click File-save, will that save everything in the application to the folder I chose (today) or should I continue to copy and paste for backup?

Concerned new owner

Using File > Save performs the same save action as Scrivener’s auto-save, which runs every two seconds of in activity by default and also always happens when you close the project. It always saves in place, like using Save in MS Word: when you start a new project, you choose a name and location on your computer and Scrivener creates the new project folder there, and then as you work all changes are saved there, overwriting the files each time. So for instance if you started a new project and called it “My Great Novel” and saved it into your Documents folder, you’ll see that you have a “My Great Novel.scriv” folder in Documents which contains all the files of your project.

From your description, I’m not quite clear what specifically is missing–is it that you cannot find the project folder, the My Great Novel.scriv folder in the example above, or is it a document or folder within the project binder that seems gone when you open the project in Scrivener? Looking for the missing text will be different depending which you’re having trouble with, so if you could explain in a little more detail where you’re running into the problem (screenshots of the project window would be great too, if the problem is that the project opens but you don’t see the text), we’ll try to get this sorted!