Scrivener Mac - Windows: Main differences??

What are the main differences between the Mac and Windows version of Scrivener?

Does anyone have a link to the Literature and Latte web page where it used to be stated?



I’ve posted the differences here:

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Thank you.

For what is worst, I’ve tried every (99% of them at least) program out there… and Scrivener is not the best. It’s the perfect one. Becuase the other ones cannot even come close to Scrivener! It is humiliating to (not for) them to even compare it to Scrivener! Scrivener is so awesome that it is light years ahead of everything. The best one only means that is the better of the bunch, but, Scrivener is on it own leage… Thank you. Hey, I cannot thank you enough. I just hope that the Windows version will catch up to the Mac soon.

Thank you very much, much appreciated!

“Soon” might be optimistic (depending on what you mean by “soon”), but I think the timescale we’re looking at is the next year-and-a-half for getting them truly equivalent, taking into consideration how it is likely that the first six months will involve mostly fixes and performance improvements as more and more users test Scrivener to its limits (as is always the way after a release).

Thanks again!

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One to two years… that is great. Considering all the hard work to make this program work perfectly and with total common sense (because I know you put in your soul and heart in what you do), two years seems almost like not enough time to get it all done. It seams as if you are working 24/7 on this project.

For what is worth, again, I bought the Mac version a few months ago, and last week I bought the Windows version (mainly to support the project since the features I need are only on the Mac). Hey, I use it on Windows as much as possible, but I go to the Mac version once I need the extra features and then I get lazy and I don’t want to switch back until the next session… The windows Version is beautiful and flawless. I’m a permanent customer.

Very few programs are built with common sense and logic… and so beautiful and so perfect ergonomics… yours is one of the very very few… easily one of the top 3 in the world, if not the number one.

Thanks again. I am patiently waiting for both version to be the same (I am using them both all the same).

p.s. I know is not the place here, but can I request a feature? Can you please add “rap-around” to objects (pictures, graphics, etc.)? I mean, right now, you insert a photo and is either before text or after text, but it will not let you place the photo in the middle of thext with all the text wraping around the photo.